How to Speak Russian

When learning a new language, more often then not, our goal is to speak it fluently. You already might be able to write beautiful sentences and read long books. You might even understand most of what people say. Yet you might not be very good at speaking Russian. How come?

There are several possible reasons, and the main one is that you just don’t have enough practice. 

Find a partner

It sounds obvious. Find another person who is interested in speaking Russian. Better yet, find a native speaker with whom you can talk. There's no better way.

Talk to yourself

If there’s nobody around with whom you can speak, you can still speak with yourself. You might be wondering “Well, what am I going to talk about?” Whatever you see when walking outside, describe it in Russian. Or if you have some thoughts about what happened last day, week, month, speak them out loud in Russian. Even though, it's not the best option, it's something.

Audio lessons for beginners and pre-intermediate

Discover these powerful audio lessons in the form of questions and answers. You won't just repeat what the speaker has said but will give your own answer. Click here to learn more and choose your level.

Sing along to Russian songs

Don’t underestimate this method. What you need is easy to sing, easy to understand songs that make sense. Not only you will have fun singing Russian songs, you will also improve your pronunciation, grammar usage, and vocabulary, all of which are important for speaking. At the same time, it’s not always simple to find songs that are easy to understand. So even if you don’t completely understand what the song is about, it is okay. You should still sing it because it will improve your pronunciation like nothing else. Click here to find some useful easy to sing Russian songs.


This is a fun way to improve your speaking skills. Find a partner and explain words to each other which they will have to guess. In the beginning, it might be harder than you think. If you want a more difficult version of this game, try Taboo Game, in which you can’t use certain words. Also, try Spot the Difference.

Try some tongue twisters

Tongue twisters are helpful if you want to improve your pronunciation, especially if you are having a hard time pronouncing some particular sounds. Click here to find the ultimate Russian tongue twister with its pronunciation.

And finally, relax. You already are on the right way. ;)

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