Best Russian Dictionaries

Can we learn a language without a dictionary? Yes, we can. That's how we learned our native tongue. But to learn a foreign language we have to use dictionaries. Here's the list of the best Russian dictionaries.

ABBYY Lingvo
This is one of the most popular sites if you want to translate from Russian into 20 different languages, and vice versa. It provides translation, multiple example sentences, phrases, all word forms, and pronunciation. Besides, you can look up any form of a word, and it will find what you need. This is really helpful, especially for beginners.

This is an online dictionary based on user contributions like Wikipedia.

Ozhegov's Dictionary
This is one of the best dictionaries that you should use when you are at intermediate level or higher. It gives precise definitions in Russian often with examples, common collocations, and idioms.
This is a very useful site that helps you learn how certain words, phrases or even sentences have already been translated by other people. 

Russian National Corpus
It is a reference system based on a collection of Russian texts in electronic form which contains more than 500 million words. It can help you understand how to use a certain word or phrase. You look them up, and the system will show you authentic examples of how this word or phrases have been used by native speakers.

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