Why and How to Study Grammar

There are different opinions about whether we should study grammar or not. Nowadays some people say that there's no need to study grammar, that it is not natural and that when we were children we didn't have to study grammar to speak fluently. However, many of us are not children anymore and not only do we have a lot of various responsibilities, our brains also function differently. So we cannot effectively learn a language the way we did when we were children.

So what are the reasons to study grammar? These are the main ones:

  1. One is more likely to understand what people want to say if he or she understands rules of grammar. 
  2. Likewise, people are more likely to understand what one wants to say if he or she uses correct grammar.
  3. By using correct grammar one sounds better, smarter and more educated.

But how can we master grammar and correctly apply grammar rules in our speech? The thing is, more often than not, we can't just learn a new grammar rule and start applying it correctly right away. What we need to do, first we should learn a particular rule, then do some exercises on it, and then after we have acquired knowledge of this particular grammar rule, we need to do two of the best things we can do to learn a foreign language - we should read and listen to as much texts in that language as possible. By doing that we will necessarily see how this particular rule is applied again and again, and after some time we will gain a familiarity of when and how we should apply this or that rule. And oftentimes it's only then that we start applying this rule without thinking about it. It is then that we become fluent.

Trying to achieve fluency without learning grammar is possible but, most likely, will take ages. And who wants that? I also don't recommend that you focus on grammar too much. There's no point in it either. The best understanding of how it's used comes from reading and listening to a lot of texts of any kind. And familiarizing yourself with the way it's used first makes the whole process of learning that much faster.